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Common Questions

  Is it safe to mail a diamond?
  What if I would like to return the jewelry I ordered and I am unable to find the certificate or appraisal?
  Can you help me resize my ring?
  Can you help me keep the engagement ring a surprise?
  Will I be liable for my jewelry order while it is being shipped?
  How do I place an order?
  If there was a problem while submitting my order, should I just resubmit?
  What if I have placed a duplicate order?
  How do I cancel an order after it has been submitted?
  Are the prices on flexible?
  Do you accept international orders?
  What is your refund policy?
  How do I return an item I purchased?
  How long does it take to get my order?
  What if I don't get my order in the standard time frame?
  Will you deliver on Saturdays?
  Can I send someone gifts from
  How do I check the status of my order?
  How do I track my order after it has been shipped?
  Do you have a retail store located in my state?
  Where are the offices of 25karats?
  What is the credit card security code?
  Will I be charged sales tax on my order?
  Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?
  Will I receive a discount if I pay by bank wire?
  Do you have gemologists on staff?
  What's a karat? What's the difference between a karat and a carat?
  What are the 4Cs?
  Why is 18K gold more valuable than 14K?
  What do the markings on the back of my jewelry mean?
  Why do similar pieces of jewelry have such different prices?
  What's the best way to care for and clean a diamond?
  What's the best way to care for and clean gold jewelry?
  What is your position on conflict diamonds?
  What is the difference between certified loose diamonds and uncertified diamonds?
  What does the term "eye clean" mean?
  How can I make sure the diamonds I receive are actually the diamonds I ordered?
  Are any of your diamonds laser treated, clarity enhanced, color enhanced, or modified in any way?
  What is the difference between a "certified diamond" and a "non-certified diamond"?
  How new is palladium in jewelry making?
  Why is platinum so much more expensive than other precious metals?
  How to pick a diamond matching band for your engagement ring?
  What is an enhancer ring?
  What are the most common setting types?
  What is a mill grain edge?
  Do you manufacture two tone engagement rings?
  What alloy is used in your gold/platinum/palladium products?
  Do you sell only the setting?
  What information does gather about me?
  How does use information it gathers about me?
  What is comfort fit? Are your rings comfort fitted? Does it affect the ring size?
  Can you engrave my ring? Do you offer font options?
  What finish choices do you offer?
  What if the ring I ordered doesn’t fit? How can I find out my ring size before ordering?
  I live in a country where the ring sizes are different than US sizes. How can I find out my US ring size?
  I have an allergic reaction to nickel! What options are there for me?
  Can I get outside of a wedding band engraved?
  Are your wedding bands solid precious metal or hollow?
  Can I get a diamond wedding band with black diamonds or gem stones instead?
  I want a platinum/palladium band but it only comes in white. Can I get a gold platinum/palladium combination in two tone?
  I saw this wedding band set on, but I need only one ring. Can I get single ring?
  How long is the turnaround time from submitting the initial design to finishing the piece?
  What if I don't know the ring size?
  Are you going to make a whole bunch of copies of my ring?
  I saw a ring by another designer; can you make a copy for me with my diamond?
  Can I have another jeweler copy the piece of jewelry I get from you?
  Can I use my own diamonds or gemstones?
  How much does it cost?
  Can you make a matching band for my engagement ring?
  What metals do you work with?
  What is your return policy for custom designs?