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Sara Blaine Silver Jewelry Collection

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Sara Blaine Jewelry

Since its launch as a luxury designer jewelry line in 1999, Sara Blaine jewelry became popular for its trendy yet timeless pieces. Sara’s unique and elegant fashion-sense is embodied in her jewelry designs, combining natural patterns with antique motifs. Her extensive knowledge in best quality stones is reflected in all of her exquisite collections. Unique mixture of stone colors in designs is a signature of Sara Blaine jewelry. From sapphire to topaz, amethyst to freshwater pearl, Sara Blaine collections feature the most sought after stones in most elaborate settings. Nature inspired details and mixed stone colors make these fine pieces perfect for special occasions as well as everyday events. Each Sara Blaine jewelry item is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Sara Blaine collections offer a mixture of art and fashion in eye-catching designs. Aegean Scroll and Crown Jewels collections showcase the beauty of antique patterns and fretwork. Royal collection’s majestic designs offer most elaborate details. In Rhapsody collection you will find floral carvings, while in Signature Lace collection those elements are merged with the charm of antique design. South Seas collection features exotic pieces with mother of pearl. With flawless elegance of Sara Blaine collections, jewelry-wearing is not just an accessory anymore, but a statement! is proud to present Sara Blaine luxury designer jewelry line. We know you will fall in love with it at first sight.